Author: Admin 29 September 2018

What is cf-starter and how does it work?

Cf-starter is a tool for funding from the public for projects that have social impacts. In plain language, charities, NGOs, government agencies, social activists, and individuals put their projects on a cf-starter website with a specific mechanism, and other members and cf-starter visitors, if they like, will pay a fee to their projects, depending on their interest. After full collection of the required project amount, the project developer receives the amount and executes the project.

What projects will be accepted by cf-starter?

Currently, cf-starter accepts only projects that have some kind of social impact and fall into one of the cf-starter quadruple categories.

The purpose of social impacts is that project implementation leads to improve the conditions of a specified region. We believe that we can have a notable impact on the whole community by creating a large number of small impacts.

Does cf-starter get any fee from the collected funds?

Yes. Cf-starter, with the aim of continuing its activities, is getting the fee from the amounts provided for projects and profiles as a revenue-generating method, like any other business enterprise. As an “average,” cf-starter receives 3 percent of the sums collected for projects and profiles as a fee.

Is there a fee for those who help projects?

No, the fee is taken only after the successful completion of the projects and when the funds are transferred to the managers’ account of the projects.

How can sponsors pay their contribution amounts to the project?

All sponsors can support cf-starter active projects using international cards with their online password.

How can we ensure that the amount we pay is surely at the hands of the manager of the project?

We will merely make a settlement to an account number owned by the manager of the project or profile.

So you can be sure that your payment will, firstly, be given to us, and secondly, we will transfer your payment to the account of the person you are looking for (whether natural and legal).

Does the name of all supporters appear in the project’s sponsors list?

When you support a project, you are asked whether your name stands on the sponsor list. If you would like, you can write your comments about the project and possibly your incentive to support it, therefore, other site users will decide on the project’s support with a better view.

What happens if the campaign fails and does not reach the target capital?

If a campaign fails to reach the specified target capital and the deadline expires, the project manager decides to start the project with the same capital or to refund the supports. In the first case, the project will be executed under the same conditions as described in the campaign, and rewards will be delivered by the project supervisor. In the second, the supported amounts will be returned to the supporters after deducting bank charges.

What projects will be approved and placed in the cf-starter list?

Only projects that are classified into health, education, product design, and social affairs and charity categories will be accepted. New categories will be added to cf-starter with a previous announcement and gradually.

Is there a possibility to support cancelation?

No. After completing the payment process, there is no possibility of cancellation and refund.

How we can aware of the process of project implementation?

After the success of the campaign, the project manager will place the events and steps passed of the project in the update section of the campaign page and you can be aware of the project progress by reading this section. Also, the project supervisor may send you an email or SMS message from the major events of the project.

Can we advertise on cf-starter?

No. cf-starter is merely a platform for providing community-based projects and it’s not possible to advertise a product or anything else directly unless you intend to collect amounts for production or expansion of your product through the cf-starter platform.

How will an account be “verified” in cf-starter?

After registering in cf-starter, your account will be changed to the verified account by sending the national card image and completing the required information (from the Edit Profile section) and after reviewing the cf-starter admins.

What are the conditions for membership in the cf-starter?

Membership in cf-starter is in two forms: legal membership and natural membership. For legal membership in cf-starter, the legal person must be registered as a representative of the legal person on the cf-starter website and must confirm his/her identity by sending a national card image. Membership in cf-starter is only for persons who have reached the legal age. He/She can then create a legal entity and introduce itself as a representative of that legal person.

The predicted legal entities at cf-starter, are official charities, NGOs, private companies, and state organs.

Obviously, to create any of the listed legal entities, it is necessary to provide certain documents that are announced when applying for the creation of a legal entity.