Financial crowdsourcing and collective investment for ideas that have a social impact

Cf-starter.com is a crowdfunding platform that collects online financial support for charity, social responsibility and empowerment projects. You can be in the progress of these projects clearly and completely.

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People who are active in education & training, product design, health and social & charity affairs and have creative ideas, are designing a campaign for their project at Cf-starter and are beginning to attract financial support from the international Cf-starter audience. Sponsors support Cf-starter's active campaigns in exchange for receiving determined rewards.

The advantageous aspects of investing in this way are that many people contribute in the designing of the plan, which regarding the attraction of capital, customer and target market, the probability of execution and the success of the project is much higher.


Cf-starter provides a community for sponsors and owners of innovative ideas that will allow all members of the community to run their ideas and plans together. We will show your thoughts to a large number of sponsors, and with the small support of each of them, the amount of capital you need to run the project will be provided.

On the other hand, the collective wisdom and the results of the discussions of sponsors are an excellent guide to deciding whether or not to support a project.

"Crowdfunding is not just a fundraiser! This is a way to make dreams come from people like you and me. If you also need to raise funds for your ideas, just get started."

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