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Author: Admin 29 September 2018

This text has been regulated to inform you of the cf-starter service for you, the institutions, organizations, and movements that you support their goals. In this text, we ask you a few requests as a user. The basic of terms of use can be found in the following three clauses:

We are the operator of a website that receives money through online payments for charitable institutions and independent charity and public utility projects. For this reason, these institutions or people who have the project in cf-starter pay 3% of the total collected amount to the cf-starter, only after the successful completion of the campaign.

Since these funds are deposited at the request of each of these institutions and individuals, therefore, it is possible to return the user’s payment time by cf-starter, which still has not been deposited to your campaign account.

Therefore, in these cases, you must make the required communications with the charity or the person who is the owner of the campaign to refund your payment.

Once you have selected your amount and registered your information, you will be transferred to the Secure Internet Pay Gate and after you have completed the payment process, the amount will be deducted from your bank account and deposited into the bank account of “cf-starter”.

This amount will remain in the cf-starter account till the successful or unsuccessful end of the campaign. In case of success, the amount collected will be deposited to the bank account of the owner of the campaign after the deduction of 3% commission.

In the event of failure, the amounts collected for the campaign will be credited back to the “user account” of the sponsors. Cf-starter credit can be used to help other campaigns on the website, or you can withdraw some or all of it by filing an application for a settlement.

Your privacy is very important to us. You can also read the privacy policy of cf-starter users.

If you launch a campaign page on cf-starter or use any of the other services we provide, remember that the use of these services is intended for all people of the world. Any racial, ethnocentric, and unconscionable content that offends a particular class, nationality and ethnicity is unforgivable and will result in suspension or removal of the account of the trespasser without prior notice. Also, keep in mind that all content provided by the campaign owners should not be owned by third parties. Cf-starter can remove it without prior notice in the case of seeing such content. If you need to use such content, the founder consent must be submitted to the cf-starter.


“Cf-starter is a financial crowdsourcing platform.” From here, the word “cf-starter” refers to the website of cf-starter.com. The cf-starter entity will act on the cf-starter.com domain but will not be restricted to it. This text is dictated solely for use of the website and website related services. We ask you to read it carefully and completely. If you do not want to follow these terms, you will not be able to use the cf-starter website.

Terms of service may change. It is your responsibility to review it every time you visit the cf-starter website. The latest version of this text will be directed for future use of the cf-starter.com website.

Regarding charities, campaigns, and public utility organizations in the cf-starter website

The cf-starter.com website and its related services allow you to “make cf-starter” and “get cf-starter” for campaigns related to the positive movements of individuals, organizations, and charities. These projects could include charity campaigns, positive movements without charitable goals, and public-based projects. All the rightful owners of the project and the institutions and organizations have signed an agreement with cf-starter that allowed cf-starter to collect money for their campaigns. All campaigns in cf-starter are placed at the discretion of the cf-starter site. But cf-starter does not take responsibility for the activities of individuals and organizations. A charity or public utility organization must have a license for its activities to operate as an official charity in cf-starter. Campaigns launched by charities and public utility organizations at cf-starter are run by the relevant organ and a natural connector which has been selected by the institution or campaign organizer. Cf-starter acts only as an intermediary between the general public and these organizations, and problems that may arise outside the scope of cf-starter activity should be traced by the user.

Natural persons who ask to launch a campaign for a particular purpose must submit their identity documents beforehand. There is the possibility of naming similarities between institutions and campaigns. It is the user’s responsibility to make sure he/she is helping his/her favorite campaign.

Amounts held by campaigns and individuals

The sponsored amounts by the campaigns and the amounts donated to individuals can only be refunded if they are not charged to the campaign or person’s account. In this case, after the application is registered, the amount will be refunded to the user’s cf-starter account.

In the case that a payment is transferred from the cf-starter bank account to the campaign or person’s bank account, the user must be linked to the campaign connector or the recipient to refund the amount.

The use of supports made

Cf-starter withdraws 3% of the amount of any “successful” campaign as a commission. The successful campaign referred to a campaign that has reached half or more of its target amount, within the given time period. Obviously, campaigns that fail to reach even half their target amount over given time are seen as unsuccessful campaigns. The amounts received by unsuccessful campaigns will be fully refunded to “finance credit in cf-starter” of the supporters’ user account. Of course this does not apply to flexible campaigns. Flexible campaigns are campaigns launched by charities registered on cf-starter. The amount collected by these campaigns, regardless of reaching the target amount at a given time, is paid to the charity after the deduction of 3% of the amount collected.

In case of unauthorized use of the card

Once payment is made by using a bank card, it is final and indisputable. If you notice the suspicious use of your bank card, promptly change your second password or notify your bank card issuer branch to block the card.

Protection of account password

It is the user’s responsibility to maintain password confidentiality after choosing it for his/her secure user account. If you find any suspicious activity in your user account, immediately change your password.

Privacy Policy for Users

The cf-starter policies in the field of user privacy are part of the terms of use of cf-starter services. You accept how cf-starter uses your personal information under this policy, in according to the terms of use of the cf-starter platform (the same text). You can also read the privacy policy of users.

User behavior

You must always use the cf-starter services with liability and law and ensure that the content provided by you does not threaten the intellectual property of any person or other people. You must comply with the following items when using cf-starter:

Use of analytics services and tools

You should not provide racist and ethnocentric content and any content that desecrates a person or individuals. Cf-starter does not continuously review the content of the website, but if it observes such content, it will have the right to remove them without prior notice. Naturally, the person and individuals who are behaving like will be legally affected. This is also the same for the case with multimedia texts and files that may not be offensive from the point of view of the person but in the view of the cf-starter. These texts may include libelous, misleading, deceptive content or any content that is inappropriate in the cf-starter’s point of view. If you view such content please contact info@cf-starter.com.

If you own a campaign in cf-starter, it is your responsibility to make sure your content is not misleading and libelous and does not undermine third-party ownership of anybody. If you own a campaign in cf-starter, it is your responsibility to make sure your content is not misleading and libelous and does not undermine third-party ownership of anybody. If you use content that is another person’s intellectual ownership, you must provide written consent of founder to cf-starter. Note that if there is a doubt regarding third party intellectual property being violated, it is cf-starter’s duty to remove the content in question without prior notice. If you see a suspicious item such as this, contact info@cf-starter.com.

Apart from content related to the campaign page and other sections, including the system of communication between users and the section of the website’s comments, you do not have the right to manipulate the cf-starter website as a user.

In addition to the above, you should not do the following as a user

Impersonate, or introduce yourself using another person’s personal information or introduce yourself as a person affiliated with a particular institution or organization.

Do any behavior that is considered to be Spamming.

Any promotion or advertising of issues that are unrelated to campaigns and items that are not relevant to cf-starter services.

You should not interfere with or interrupt the cf-starter servicing to users by spreading any malicious scripts or exploiting possible security holes.

Publishing of any information about a sponsor without his consent in any way.

Cf-starter knows its right to, in the event of non-compliance with the above, deny access of the user to the service and any controversial page without prior notice. Creating a campaign page in cf-starter does not mean an endorsement of the activities of the person or campaigning organization by the cf-starter or campaign movement. Cf-starter knows its right and duty to remove it without prior notice if requested by the founder of the movement for any campaign created in cf-starter.


Putting a link on the cf-starter website does not mean verifying the activity and content of the website by cf-starter. The user’s relationship with the linked website in cf-starter and any possible transaction performed by the user in them is the responsibility of the user.


The cf-starter name and the cf-starter logo and any chosen name for any of the services provided by cf-starter shall not be associated with services or activities other than cf-starter activities or in a manner that causes ambiguity or demonetizing the cf-starter name. All names and logos visible in cf-starter that belong to the member organizations and charities of cf-starter, colleagues, and sponsors of cf-starter are owned by them the website and are placed with their consent on the website and should not be used in any way without their permission.


All website contents are owned by cf-starter, member charities, organizations, cf-starter campaigns and their main providers. Personal and non-commercial use of this content is allowed without any robbery and change of them, and any other use without permission from cf-starter or copyright founder of the content in question is not possible. Send any questions in this regard and apply for permission to info@cf-starter.com.

Changes in the service

Cf-starter does its best to provide a consistent service to its users, but maintains the right to stop and modify, if necessary, part or all of its services at any time. Any new service and functionality added to the cf-starter will be used under these conditions unless we make an exception specifically in relation to it.

If cf-starter fails to comply with these conditions, cf-starter can discontinue servicing to misleading users at any time without prior notice. You can stop using cf-starter at any time. This condition will still command over your previous use of cf-starter.

The terms of use of the cf-starter platform and any jurisdictional problems that arise from your failure to comply with this conditions are under government of the law.

Limitations and Disclaimer

The “cf-starter” financial crowdsourcing platform does not accept responsibility for the death and injury resulting from the consequences of the possible fraud through misuse and illegal use of cf-starter but will do its best to cooperate with the judicial authorities in the event of legal problems. If you are using cf-starter, you have also taken the risk of using it at your discretion. Cf-starter does not guarantee continued provision of services and secure access to its services. Cf-starter services are provided in the event of “availability of the service” and as they are. Cf-starter and its related services may be temporarily or entirely out of reach due to conditions that are not under our control. Accordingly, with the exception of the rights and guarantees provided in these terms and conditions, cf-starter does not provide any warranties and conditions with respect to the website and its related services as far as the law permits. Cf-starter will performs website maintenance activities whenever it is required. During this period, the website may not be available for use. Also, in exceptional situations, there is a plausibility that users will not be able to access cf-starter services.

Cf-starter, in accordance with this text, will only be responsible to the user for possible losses caused by the negligence and violation of these terms and conditions by cf-starter. The total lass that cf-starter must pay to the user in these circumstances will not be greater than the total amount of “cf-startered” by the user within 12 months before the user suffered the loss. The loss that cf-starter will pay you, it will not include any loss on any of your business or personal losses arising from the use of the cf-starter website, not at all. These losses may include but are not limited to:

  • Destruction of information.
  • Losing a profit
  • Losing a contract
  • Losing a job opportunity
  • Losing a Sale
  • Losing an income
  • Losing a reputation
  • Losing a deal
  • Losing a job or social position

Updating the Terms and Conditions of Use

Cf-starter will change the content of the website whenever needed. It is your responsibility to reload the website every time after you login with your browser to get the latest version of the website and these terms and conditions.

Nothing in these Terms and Conditions prevents your legal rights for using the website and its associated services properly.