Gift the power of education and make a difference!

Gift the power of education and make a difference!

Our journey with UPAY started about 6 months ago and it has been a truly humbling, and at times, overwhelming experience.

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               About the Fundraiser

Our journey with UPAY started about 6 months ago and it has been a truly humbling, and at times, overwhelming experience.

We both have been close to the development sector through various volunteering stints in the past. However, the experience with UPAY has brought us up and close with ground reality that simply cannot be solved from the comfort of our homes and offices.

The Sohna Road center, where we teach kids from nearby slums, lacks basic infrastructure like a roof or shade, and that makes it hard to study. Weather dictates our class schedule - an hour of rainfall and classes get canceled for the day.

To help visualize a typical day at the center - scorching 45 degrees of Delhi summer with no shade for cover or a cold winter day with just a plastic sheet to sit on. Yet kids are there at 4 pm sharp every day, because they realize the importance of education and want to study.

For us at UPAY, every day is a reminder of how fortunate we are – that the time and place of one’s birth is really a lottery that determines the course of one’s life. We have somehow won that lottery while many others have been denied the basic necessities of life that we often take for granted

ife that we often take for granted.

Picture this - Khusbhoo, a 9-year old girl, cannot go to school because she must take care of her father (primary bread earner), whose days are numbered. Her mother works as a maid and is away the whole day. So, Khushboo has to look after her ailing father and younger siblings too.

13-year old Aakash recently lost his mother and the family has been under tremendous financial stress to pay off loans taken for his mother’s treatment. His father had to move for a slightly higher paying job and amidst all this, there was no time or money to think about school.

In both cases, the UPAY team helped by providing supplementary education, and readying them to join back school in the next session.

Change is slow and hard, but perseverance is key and the children’s energy is our biggest motivator. And it’s so fulfilling to see the small successes, bit by bit – when you see foundations becoming stronger, their confidence increasing and them trusting you and looking up to you.


What do we need

At the Sohna Road center in Gurgaon, we teach about 70 kids from LKG to 8th standard. The funds raised through this campaign would be used in the following ways:

• Centre development and operations

o Shade/roof and other infra needs – ₹ 30,000

o Books, stationery, and other teaching aids - ₹ 20,000

o The center is run primarily by volunteers with two paid teachers, to ensure regularity since most volunteers are only available during weekends. Pay teachers and hire one more paid teacher for better coverage (₹ 5,000 per teacher for 3 teachers) – ₹ 1,80,000.

• Build a skill development center to help older children earn a livelihood eventually - ₹ 50,000

• Cover expenses for events like Sports Day, Bal Sabha (cultural event where children are encouraged to perform) for all-round development and to boost confidence - ₹ 20,000


Why you should donate to UPAY

While there are a lot of NGOs and bigger foundations working in the area of education, UPAY creates a very high impact per rupee of contribution because of low admin costs and overheads. All the money donated here will directly benefit the center.

At UPAY, we believe in bringing change at the very grass-root level and for us, every small success is a win – every child admitted has a better chance of improving their lives over that of their parents. Each day of education is a right step in the direction of living a life with dignity.

And this world can be a better place for everyone. So please come forward - support us generously and make a difference! Please do reach out to us if you have any questions about UPAY, want to pay us a visit, or want to contribute beyond this campaign.

About UPAY 

UPAY (Underprivileged’s Advancement by Youth), was founded in May 2010 by an IIT Kharagpur Alumnus & Engineer from NTPC Ltd, Mr Varun Shrivastava with the help of few young engineers from IITs and NITs. UPAY primarily focuses on providing free of cost education to underprivileged children through open school classroom programs and various recreational and skill developmental activities aimed at broadening the skill sets of such children.

UPAY has been registered as NGO under Society Registration Act, 1860 and Mumbai public Trust Act, 1950.

Currently, it has 28 centres across the country and expanded from 15 children to more than 1700 children & 260 volunteers in the span of 8 years.


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