Support For Needy Students in Afghanistan

Support For Needy Students in Afghanistan

Gaining knowledge and science is very effective in improving people\'s lives and society\'s advancement.

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Gaining knowledge and science is very effective in improving people's lives and society's advancement; hence, one of the means to overcome economic problems, social harm, and etc., is to pay attention to cultural and scientific issues. Nonetheless, in our time, a large number of children, youngsters and even young people are deprived of education for numerous reasons, particularly poverty and lack of access to suitable educational facilities. Some children who lived in secluded and remote areas were able to have primary education with low level of training standards. There are many children who are forced to abandon their education and leave school because of poverty and lack of required facilities.

 According to declared statistics, nearly five million school-age children have either not made to go to school or left the education over a period of six years. Certainly, education is an unavoidable requirement of these students and they will be able to achieve high academic and educational degrees if they get the support their need. The prolonged civil wars, difficult and hard economic situation triggered by these wars, unemployment and poverty are among the causes for the undesirable and compulsory migration of Afghans to the neighboring countries.


Ranking as the third poorest countries in the world, Afghanistan has been able to meet the expense of only less than 50% of its regular budget after a decade; while, 60% of its regular budget and its entire development budget are funded through global aids. Reported by the global agencies, more than three million Afghans who have suffered from drought are in urgent need of food at the present. Afghanistan has the lowest level of education and training standards in the region, if not in the whole world.



The Rah-E-Ayandegan Charity Fund is a crowdfunding platform that has been active in the realization of educational justice and poverty alleviation in deprived and far away areas. With the financial support of this fund, we succeeded in completing various projects in the health and education fields in the last few years.

We know many children who cannot go to school due to the lack of funding education costs. Our goal is creating peace and motivation in the hearts of students and their families.


Implementation of the project:

The Rah-E-Ayandegan Charity Fund will fund the major part of this humanitarian plan, and the rest will be financed by the contributions which gathered by people at www. cf-starter.com . The goal is to provide a large amount of funding for each student's academic year, including enrollment allowance, textbooks, educational help-self books, bag and stationery, clothing, extra class and extracurricular, fun and scientific camps.


The total number of people covered by the plan is 250, and a total of $ 30,000 dollars is needed to implement this plan.

In this plan, after identifying the needy students in the deprived areas as well as the bereaved villages, they will be charged with educational expenses.

We believe we can do everything next to each other and with the help of each other. Things that can make the world a better place to live.

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